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Austrian Citizenship

For more than ten years the IKG Vienna has been fielding increasing number of requests regarding the restoration and/or granting, and in particular the transfer, of Austrian citizenship. Austrian Holocaust survivors and their descendants maintain an interest in having Austrian citizenship reinstated to their families. For that reason the IKG Vienna has been an active advocate of improvements to statutory citizenship provisions for victims of National-Socialist persecution and their descendants.

Austrian law currently provides for two "naturalization options" for Austrian victims of National-Socialist persecution:

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According to the currently prevailing – and unsatisfactory – legislation, descendants of Austrian citizens only have the option of submitting an application for the determination of Austrian citizenship. In this context, the application is examined – in an often extensive, time-consuming and arduous process – to determine whether the claimant had either previously held or obtained Austrian citizenship, had lost it since or still held Austrian citizenship today.

The IKG Vienna's demands and proposals for improving citizenship legislation were not taken into account in the 2005 amendment to the citizenship laws and are still pending implementation. The following points - with regards to Austrian Holocaust survivors and their descendants – would require an amendment to the current citizenship laws and therefore a broad statutory regulation: