March, 2012

Claims Conference Article-2-Fund / Ceef Liberalization Of Elgibility Criteria

So far, certain survivors were only eligible for pensions from the Claims Conference Article-2-Fund and the Central and Eastern European Fund (CEEF) if they had been incarcerated in a ghetto, in hiding, or living under false identity for at least 18 months during the Nazi era.

As of January 1, 2012, the minimum time period for having lived under any of these conditions will be reduced to 12 months. The Article 2 Fund makes monthly payments of EUR 300,- and the CEEF makes monthly payments of EUR 260,- to certain Holocaust survivors who meet all eligibility criteria, which encompass factors other than persecution history and are available at www.claimscon.org

Further, as of January 1, 2012, those survivors age 75 and over who were incarcerated in a ghetto for less than 12 months but a minimum of three months may be entitled to a special monthly pension of EUR 240,- if they live in the West or EUR 200,- if they live in the countries of the former Soviet bloc, if they meet the other eligibility criteria of the programs. These liberalizations will largely affect child survivors, whose special plight has been a primary focus of recent discussions between the Claims Conference and the German Ministry of Finance.

The information here does not constitute a full and comprehensive description of the criteria of the Article-2-Fund or CEEF or of any amendments to this program. Eligibility criteria for Article 2 and CEEF payments are determined by the German government. For detailed information, see www.claimscon.org or call the Claims Conference in Frankfurt/Germany: +49 69 970 701 - 0